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Has anyone ever tried DHC skincare. Thoughts about the products ?

Do you know if they do animal testing  ?

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I tried the cleansing oil, didn't care for it.  You could probably find out if they are cruelty free by checking their website FAQ's.

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They used to send me catalogs with samples every few months.  I tried all the samples and didn't like any of them.  Too oily for my complexion.  Never ordered from them.

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I really like some DHC items. The original cleansing oil is pretty stellar and does a great job (it is emphasized by the brand as step one of a double cleanse so it's good to follow up with their soap or a mild foaming cleanser). I am almost done with a bottle of the Olive Concentrated cleansing oil they launched this or last year and think it's phenomenal. I prefer it over TATCHA or Tula which I've had in rotation recently.


I use the Astaxanthin collagen gel with a facial roller or a gua sha tool for a massage and love the lightweight texture. I never cared for any of the samples included in the catalogs they used to mail, the velvet coat primer in particular. The Face Wash Powder is pretty weak but the cleansing foam in white and yellow tube is great, especially during travel when I want a deeper clean in a single step.


Dermstore is a great place to try the brand at a discount as they constantly run promos.

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Love their products especially the Velvet Touch as a primer, the cleansing oil,extra concentrated eye

cream and moisturizer.

Have not used any other soap or cleanser on face in 11 years.

I am almost 67 years years of age and have great skin, hardly any lines at all. 

I swear by Dhc, and have recommended it to all the women in my family.

I believe they are running a 25% off sale, that’s a first.

@webbgarner1 wrote:

Has anyone ever tried DHC skincare. Thoughts about the products ?

Do you know if they do animal testing  ?


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DHC has a lot of nice products, but they never did anything for me.  The cleansing oil, a staple, contains both olive and rosemary oil and neither agree with my skin. The creams and serums I tried did not make my skin look better. No break outs, but no improvement either.


It’s been a long time since I purchased any DHC products but I still get catalogs from them which always include samples. I think the catalogs are of high quality, with pictures and testimonials.  A pleasure to look at.

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I too remember their catalog and samples ,they were okay but I never ordered full sizes. I use only cruelty free products and according to Logical Harmony website  they are not cruelty free. Hope this helps