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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

@Witchy Woman wrote:

Well, this morning, I finally had a chance to try the Devacurl products I purchased.


I got the orginal shampoo and conditioner and the Arc Angel gel.


Today is not humid, so....the results were really good given what my hair has been through in the last few years.


The curl is really strong on top, which makes sense.  It is shorter and has been cut.


All things considered, it seems promising.  I'm trying to commit to getting through the summer.  If I can do that, I can make it.


@Ms tyrion2 


I see you and another poster mentioned an orange marmalade product.


Do you use that at the end to keep the frizz halo down?


Also, I found Curlie Susie's recommendation of twisting and pinning hair that is still rather straight.


My biggest issue is fine hair.  I've got to make sure that the back is distributed so I'm not "bald."


Once I "break the cast" and fluff the roots, it seems better.


Now, I just have to get used to seeing myself with curly hair again.  I thought I looked more sophisticated with straight hair.  


The curls have a bit of a wild look to them.  It worked at 31, I'm not sure if it works at 68.





@Witchy Woman ,

The Ecoslay Orange Marmalade is a flaxseed gel product. I use it all over my hair. It gives a nice cast, which helps the curls form. When dry, you scrunch out the crunch . Your hair is very soft after this with nicely defined curls.

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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

@Witchy Woman   I also have fine hair. I always use a curl cream underneath my gel to help define my waves. I find that if I only use a gel my results aren't as good. DevaCurl's Wave Maker is a good light cream. I don't use a lot of it.


We have very dry hair where I live so I guess I don't really know how to deal with humidity. Cat Embarassed

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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

I’ve both grown my grey hair completely out and I’ve gone curly for about 2 years now. My grey is not solid. I still have some dark blonde mixed in. I have tried a lot of products and the product doesn’t seem to matter nearly as much as my use of a denman brush. It really formed my curls better than anything else I tried. There are videos on YouTube and Instagram to show how to use the brush. You really don’t have to have a denman just use one like and only on wet hair.

I also put all my hair in a silk bonnet at night and do not pineapple it because that doesn’t work for me like it does some. I love my curls and even though they aren’t perfect I embrace them completely. I also have never had a devacut. I’m loyal to my girl and she does exactly what I ask. 

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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

I have never been at peace with my hair since it went super curly at puberty (age 11) Mom thought all hair should be cut short!  and that only made it shrink up like a frizzy ball on my head Woman Sad  She had pin straight smooth hair and loved it super short LOL!  what works for one does not work for another.


I was called ugly and many other mean things in the 5th grade/6th grade...bad memories all due to my hair.  Then there is my hair line which gives me a big my Mom told me BANGS are the only way to solve that issue.  She always had bangs due to this lovely problem.


So here I am in my 50's....and still at war with my hair.  Last month I almost had it straightened...cancelled the appt.  I may still do it!  My hair grows like a Chia Pet on humid days.  


I have tried the curly girl method to the best of my abilities but it never looks like the other people on you tube or those perfect model photos. My stylist tells me those photos are fakes...people have their hair blown out and then the curls are put in with a iron.  And I can see that....way to much work...great for a photo shoot...not real life.


I have thought about buying a wig....LOL


I am caught in a time warp....I never have a trendy look to my hair...ever.  


My hair is frizzy curly on top and sides but then around the lower back kinda has a slight frizz and maybe a touch of shape.  I wish it was like that all over my much easier to deal with.


Tried many products over the yrs but gave up....I think my cut is wrong for it and since I can't go for 5days not washing this system just never works for me.  I can only skip 1 day...


I have thought of having it cut with a #2 as my husband suggested (he does that) would be much faster getting ready.


I wish I could "love" my hair but I don' just ticks me off every day.  Glad I have it something on my head but that's about it.

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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

@tsavorite there's no reason you have to go 4 to 5 days without washing.  I wash every other day, but I only shampoo once a week with a CG-friendly shampoo.  It's funny what hormones do.  My daughter had beautiful long blonde curls as a child and then it went board straight.  I had trouble putting curls in it for those dance recitals where the teacher always wants them to have super curly hair.  And then, I also know women who's hair started going curly after menopause.  No such luck here, I depend on a perm ro be curly.  


If you're on Facebook, there's a really nice Curly hair group and mostly the pics you'll see on there are real people and their real hair.  I hear some of the other groups are rather strict about only using CG-friendly products, but this group is really very nice with a do what works for you attitude.  If you're interested this is it:  Curly Girls! - Support Group for Curly / Wavy / Natural Healthy Hair

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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

@Grouchomarx   ... One week away from straightening won't do it.  More like months, or longer.  It's a gradual process!

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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

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I can understand exactly what you are saying.  It's heart breaking to know you've never found peace with your hair and suffered as a child!  I know it's not the worse thing in life, but it does affect you.


I know about shrinkage and bangs.  Ugh.  My head looked like a dandelion more than once!


While my hair was not much concern to me as a child, it definetly was when I became a teen.


That was the era of long, straight hair, parted in the middle.  My hair was never meant for that.  However, I fought tooth and nail for that look.  Chemically straightend it on my own with something called "Straight Away."  Then, I would "iron" it every day....with a real iron and ironing board Cat LOL


My mother would go on an on each time I did it, but I persisted all of my teen years.  If it was really humid, I would tie a scarf, and I never got it swim parties for me!


As I got older, I found my natural curls were quite nice cut in a "shag."  It was the style, so I became more comfortable and at peace with how I looked.  Everyone asked where I got my hair permed, and I told them it was natural.  


I had lots of good years with those lovely curls.  However, it still got frizzy when it was humid, but, somehow, I lived with it.


As I aged, the curls changed to more frizz.  I continued to battle it, but finally....


Fast forward to about 5 years ago and I got a "smoothing" treatment at my salon.  It was by Pravana brand products.  It came out beautiful!  I finally had straight hair again.  I could wash it, and just use my spin brush.


If you really want straight hair, you might want to ask your salon about a smoothing treatment.  It will last about 3 months.  Now, I could not just let my hair air dry without looking stringy, but the Conair Spin brush would give me a professional blow dry look.  


In all honesty, I still like my hair straight better than how it is now.  But, I wanted to see if I could just go back to curly and embrace the look.  I'm 68 and have my hair colored.  I wondered how long I could go on doing the smoothing, so.....I'm trying to go natural this summer.


It's a challenge.


My husband prefers the curls and doesn't notice the frizz.


I prefer it smooth and sleek.


Not sure where I will end up.

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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

I’m finding curly silver hair is a completely different set of issues requiring other care. I drove myself nuts watching Curly Girls on YouTube...each had their own method and different products. No one had grey hair. Most curlies were under 40.


After following the CGM for many years, I came to the conclusion that sometimes I need to add products with silicones (😏). In the humidity, my hair needs the “taming” that silicones provide. I alternate between Shea Moisture products, Garnier Fructis for Curls and add in my Moroccanoil s&c or treatment oil when needed. I clarify once a month w/ Neutrogena Anti-residue Shampoo before deep conditioning and start over. 


The CGM is a great idea in theory, but no two heads of curls are alike. I also am not willing to spend $20-$30 for Deva products (when at least 3 or 4 are necessary for the process) when drugstore products are equally good.


Growing out my short layers has made the biggest difference in my curls’ formation. The shorter hair didn’t have enough length to form a complete curl. My longer below chin length bob...(long for me since usually have a pixie) adds enough length and weight to pull the curls into an acceptable shape.


Since I went grey, my hair is drier, so I now deep condition 2X a week. Devacut, not for me. I still enjoy wearing my hair smoother with a round brush and blow dryer. The Devacut adds layers in strange places for wearing hair curly only. I do stay away from curling irons/flat irons. 


Chemically smoothing and bleaching or coloring your curls will definitely hinder getting your curls back...been there.


No one says you need to suffer to have curls. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you. I’m also not willing to sit around and air dry and do use a dryer w/ a diffuser most days. I also wash my hair with shampoo (not “No Poo) more often than least every 3 days. I gave up the curly girl tutorials...made me nuts and what worked for them didn’t work for me. It just made me wonder how they achieved those curls and more than that why would they take 4-5 hrs. on “wash days” to get there. 


I eqate curly hair much like I approach skincare. You do what you can to achieve your personal best. Then you relax and accept what you have. Use fewer products that give better results. Hair and skin will never be perfect or  measure up to famous models, actresses or Youtubers. I will however be the best me. 



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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in



I agree with everything you've said.


I've invested in so much product over the years I could open a store.  


Right now, I've got 3 Devacurl products I'm working with.  

It shouldn't have to be a second job taking care of your hair.


I think that is why I enjoyed the smoothing treatment so much.  Wash, spin out, done.


Curls = more time.


I'm 68 and don't want to spend 1/2 a day on my hair.


I've watched a lot of the "curly" videos, and some of them are like a science project!  All the steps and products and dos and don'ts.  I'm just not going to go through all that.


And, I'm not going days without washing.  


I'm still using color at this point, and, the smoothing treatment I got could be used the same day as color.  Also, I don't really feel it damaged my hair.  I got regular treatments and, actually, my hair was lovely and sleek.  It didn't look or feel damaged and fried.


Which makes me wonder why I'm going back to curls.Cat LOL





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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

@Witchy Woman wrote:

I know there are numerous threads on the Curly Girl Method, but I wanted an update on where everyone is on their journey.


I've held off getting a salon "smoothing" treatment and still trying to return to my natural curls.


It's a challenge.


Also, I'm realizing that the expensive hair products I was using prior to my decision are not acceptable.


I'd be interested in hearing from those who are on the curly journey....yet again.

I need some inspiration this morning. It has been hot and humid for several days. Cat Very Happy



@Witchy Woman   You’re correct. Not everyone with curly hair has to accept it and wear it curly. It’s a personal choice. For me, I find the blow drying w/ brush only to go outside and have it curl anyway, aggravating to say the least. That’s my choice to wear it curly some days and still attempt to fight it on others. No one can force someone to accept a style of hair, makeup or fashion that they aren’t comfortable with.