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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

@Witchy Woman wrote:



I agree with everything you've said.


I've invested in so much product over the years I could open a store.  


Right now, I've got 3 Devacurl products I'm working with.  

It shouldn't have to be a second job taking care of your hair.


I think that is why I enjoyed the smoothing treatment so much.  Wash, spin out, done.


Curls = more time.


I'm 68 and don't want to spend 1/2 a day on my hair.


I've watched a lot of the "curly" videos, and some of them are like a science project!  All the steps and products and dos and don'ts.  I'm just not going to go through all that.


And, I'm not going days without washing.  


I'm still using color at this point, and, the smoothing treatment I got could be used the same day as color.  Also, I don't really feel it damaged my hair.  I got regular treatments and, actually, my hair was lovely and sleek.  It didn't look or feel damaged and fried.


Which makes me wonder why I'm going back to curls.Cat LOL



@Witchy Woman ,

The only "one size fits all" comment is that each head of curly hair is completely unique. Heck, I even have about three types of curls on my head. 


What I can say for certain is that you have to give CGM time. You cannot go back and forth between silicones and expect to get results. With previously relaxed hair, the turn around time is going to be a bit longer. It takes time for that damage to grow out.


I made the mistake of letting a stylist use a razor on my hair and it's taken nearly a year to get rid of that damage. I got another Devacut yesterday and my stylist told me I now have 3A curls in the back . That is an improvement from 2B waves a year ago.


I color my hair and it does not affect my curls at all.


For me, quality products do indeed make a difference. Drugstore products simply don't measure up. It's all a matter of trial and error and there is no getting around that.


The process takes a lot of patience. Some days everything works and you love your emerging curls . Other days you think, what is that mess on my head! 😁


If your heart's desire is truly for straight hair, that's ok too. Do what makes you feel  beautiful. 



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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

I have to admit, I'm not a naturally curly girl.  My natural hair is thin, fine, and just a bit wavy, just enough that it would require styling every day just to be presentable.  So, I chose the curly life, and for me it is a much easier life.  I don't follow all the "science experiments".  I don't do any upside down in the shower, don't sleep in a pineapple, don't plop.  Mainly I focus on products and application, because even though the perm is damaging to my hair, so would using a heat appliance daily on my hair be damaging.  I just avoid all silicones, sulfates, and drying alcohols which I feel is healthier for my hair.  I only shampoo once a week, but I wash my hair every other day, and there are curlies who wash theirs every day.  I don't apply product to dripping wet hair because I can't stand my hair dripping, and I use my Hairmax before applying any product.  I do apply gel upside down, scrunching it in, and then I flip back to vertical and use a pick to make sure I have the swirlies in the back covered.  After I apply product, I'm done until I'm ready to dry.  That could be after applying my makeup, or an hour or so later if I have the time.  I use a dryer with a diffuser all over until it's dry.  Then, I just apply a finishing product and I'm done.  


However, I'm a big proponent in people doing what makes them feel good or pretty.  Just as I don't accept my hair in it's natural state, I wouldn't tell someone they should go curly just because that is their natural state.  I had a hairdresser once beg to give me a blowout to show how pretty my hair would look straight even though I told her I looked better curly.  I let her do it since I knew I was going straight home.  After she was done, she looked at it and said "You're right, you do look better curly".

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Re: Curly girls -- Please check-in

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The one thing I don’t do anymore is compare my hair to all the lovely ladies on Instagram. I’m much happier when I’m not doing that. I compare my hair to how it was 6 months ago instead.

I live in a very humid climate for me it’s either stick straight or natural and natural looks better. If I try to blowdry without using a flat iron my hair gets big and frizzy. My curls may not be perfect but at least I’m not constantly worried about my hair puffing up and looking frizzy all the time.

I wash my hair as often as I need. I don’t follow other people’s rules. If I just washed and my hair looks bad the next day I wet it and reapply product.