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Cream Eyeshadow Sticks-Mally/BB/Chanel

When I went online at Ulta to find a living proof product, I saw they have Mally products. While Mally has been around a while, I never knew much about the brand. Today I just noticed that she has cream eyeshadow sticks (probably has for years now) and they look like the sticks I bought from Bobbi Brown, but hers are cheaper. I love the cream sticks and have some from Chanel also but the colors are limited. Chanel and Bobbi Brown are both more expensive then the Mally brand.

Are the Mally sticks the same type or am I missing something? I thought the BB ones were a new thing when they came out so maybe the Mally ones are different? I like that Mally seems to have more colors (after just researching) but I know they aren't all available yet at Ulta. I am sure they will be eventually. My big issue with BB and Chanel is that I would like some different color choices. Chanel's are limited edition so I don't expect more colors to be released. I love the cream sticks so would really like to hear from anyone who used/uses the Mally ones.