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Coty wants to unload $7 billion of their beauty assets


It looks like Coty wants to unload some of those beauty assets that they bought from Procter and Gamble - their professional division including Clairol, GHD, and OPI. I don’t know if this includes their drugstore Clairol line of hair color or not but my opinion of how Coty ruining my favorite Nice ‘n Easy hair color hasn’t changed. I hope that some other company buys Clairol and does better!



Exclusive: Unilever, Henkel and buyout funds eye bids for Coty's $7 billion beauty brands – sources

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Re: Coty wants to unload $7 billion of their beauty assets

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My mother used Nice N Easy for years, so I choose that brand, too.  Sadly, after they ruined the formula (whatever they did, it wasn't the same), I went to Revlon Colorsillk.  I don't like it as well, but it's close, I guess.  Sometimes now (and I didn't have this problem before), is that I "miss" spots and that has been a mystery to me.  Yes, unload Nice and Easy and let somebody else do better.

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Re: Coty wants to unload $7 billion of their beauty assets

Re: Coty (from TMZ):


The beauty company that bought Kylie Jenner out of her majority stake is taking a huge hit on Wall Street.


Coty shares are plummeting in the wake of the world's youngest billionaire's decision to sell her 51 percent stake in Kylie Cosmetics to the conglomerate. After trading closed this week, Coty stocks were down significantly to $11.53, the lowest they've been in a month.


It's interesting ... Coty shares did pretty well Monday, moving up slightly to $12.22 after announcing they bought Kylie's majority stake for $600 million, but that trend didn't last.


After a brief initial surge, the share price kept trending down, finishing each day this week at a lower figure. Overall, Coty stock is down roughly 5.5 percent since Kylie cashed out.


Many analysts expected a surge after Coty snapped up Kylie -- but they got this one flat wrong.


Shareholders might be hurting, but Kylie's another $600 mil in the black.


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