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Contemplating a different hairstyle - requires four inches to be chopped. Yea/Nay

It's time for a haircut and my hair is currently just past my shoulders. I like it that way over the summer because I wear it up a lot. I'm nervous though because I want a cute, modern cut with a blunt cut just past the chin. I'm sure it will look just fine, but I'm concerned because I will have to change how I get ready and won't be able to rely on just tossing it into a clip. Anybody care to assist in any pluses/minuses on whether to cut or not to cut. Four inches seems like a lot to me, but that's what it will take to achieve the style. Compared to the other things in life, I know this is nothing - but it's my HAIR! I'm thinking most of the women out there can relate to chronic bad hair days (assuming it doesn't work out right)! Yes, I'm a glass is half-empty type. {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}