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Re: Constant flaking skin on face

@Kazsails your best bet is seeing a dermatologist and getting a proper diagnosis since it could be any or none of the causes mentioned in this thread.

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Re: Constant flaking skin on face

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@Kazsails wrote:
So frustrated!! I’ve tried several different exfoliates, fave masks and hydrating creams and nothing is working. By 10:00 am I look in the mirror and I see flaking mostly on my forehead, in eyebrows and temples What is going on!!?? I’m 57 and this has never happened before.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!



@Kazsails    I agree with a visit to the derm. In the meantime, cut out everything you're presently using on your face except cleansing with Cetaphil. It's a gentle cleanser that many derms recommend. We rarely become allergic to something new, but rather ingredients in products we've been using for awhile. It could be anything from general irritation to dryness to reaction to hair styling products/shampoos/conditioners, etc. Until you can see your dermatologist, be sure to change your pillowcase several times a week. They not only accumulate facial oils, but also products from your hair & scalp, but then transfer them to your face.


Sometimes, the dryness and flaking can be brought on by stress or as someone else said exfoliating too often. Be gentle with your skin until you can get an appt. and get checked out. 

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Re: Constant flaking skin on face

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@D Kay wrote:

If flaking in eyebrows, could be seborrheic dermatitis.  Try dandruff shampoo and cortizone cream/liquid.

This is what I was going to mention, as well.


Someone can develop this between the brows and in the brows, and also around the nose, too.


How I know is that I also have this exact problem. 


I'm also prone to having dandruff on my scalp, too.


I also have problems with eczema and with psoriasis on the common areas of the body where you're most likely to experience both conditions.


The best thing to do would be to have a doctor check it out for you, especially a Dermatologist, as the others have already mentioned here.


I can also tell you that mild facial cleansers and moisturizers are the best thing to use on your face, and anything that is also unscented if possible is also a good choice--the less irritating for your skin, the better. Smiley Happy

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Re: Constant flaking skin on face

I agree . Washing your hairwith selsun blue or other dandruff shampoo will help . Also wash forehead.,and eyebrows.

cathy from ma


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Re: Constant flaking skin on face

Wow Thanks all for your replies! I really don’t think I have any of the conditions listed as I looked at pictures online and mine really is just plain old flaky skin. I’m going to try the Cetaphil as recommended. Thanks again everyone!
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Re: Constant flaking skin on face

@Kazsails   Do you use any reina A or retinol products?  They are known for causing flakiness.  

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Re: Constant flaking skin on face

Ladies, know that a lot of drugstore products, and some higher end products too, have irritants in their products. The detergents they include, the preservatives, the fragrances, can create a reaction. Barring something like excema, you may want to check out if what you’re using has any of the common irritants. I like using the EWG (Environmental Working Group) app, their “Skin Deep” database is very informative and eye opening too!