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Re: Combpal and my DIY haircut


THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting your experience with CombPal.  I have a face-framing piecey layered short cut (think view E on the CombPal cutting instructions) and it had gotten so long and out of shape, it looked terrible.  I just got the CombPal yesterday and used it to cut my wispy bangs and take the weight off the top of my head. It was hard to do by myself as I am no stylist and honestly I thought I was going to regret it.  But much to my surprise, it looks great!  Next week the sharp hairdresser scissors are going to arrive and then I will have my husband help with the spots I cannot reach. I sent before and after pictures to my DIL in NYC and she scolded me (gently) for going to a salon!  Nope!  She was amazed that I had done this myself. Anyway, thank you again for mentioning this terrific product from Canada.  I won't be visiting a salon for a very long time (NYS won't open salons up until the very end AND my husband is in a high COVID-19 risk group) so this is a lifesaver for my morale.