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Re: ComPact 2019 – Junk It June!

Insurance have to buy! Most of us if lucky never have to use it.
Major damage is their business and they should step up to the plate for you all. These companies make loads of $$$$. What a sham.
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Re: ComPact 2019 – Junk It June!

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Yes, indeed.  Moving does s_ck.  Even under the best of circumstances.  More so when it’s forced upon you.


I guess I mentioned patio furniture because I still am using some in my house.  I’ve used patio chairs for years in my bedrooms.  In fact, I had two that I used for so long I actually wore them out.  They were some of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever had, including the upholstered ones.  And the neat thing about them was that I could fold them up to clean.



Great minds think alike! 👍



That patio set my mother bought in 1971 stayed in the kitchen when my sister took over the apartment, then it moved to my mother's new house (to the patio this time) in the early 80s and was probably there until my other sister and her husband had to disposition everything in 2003.  I missed out on that so I guess that's why I'm having to do it now.


We could go totally retro and furnish the rental like a student apartment: Pine shelves and concrete blocks for shelving, a big industrial spool for a table (they have them at the warehouse down the street from the hotel), plastic crates and a turntable for my ancient records -- if they survive restoration.


I'll have to buy a bike and park it in the livingroom.


Wait -- can't do that.  Violates the rental agreement.

@just bee  Stopped by to say Hi and see how you're progressing. Reading your post, reminded me of the old days with the simpler things in life (as you say retro now) when I was young and anything was okay. I remember,  I found a door and my friend and I used that on top of a stand for a table.  As usual, you're on top of everything. Why would they care if you have your bike IN your apartment? I have friends that live in apt bldgs where people try to leave the bikes in front of their apartment, which is totally unacceptable. So keeping it in your apt., should be no biggie. 

You take care of everything, don't forget to take care of yourself! Stay well.

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