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Re: ComPact 2018 – Manageable March

@geezerette, thanks again for continuing to share your journey. I see you are getting it. Reading what you said, what I am hearing is: 1. You know now that the most important person in your life is you; 2. You know now that the person who needs to be the nicest of all to you is you; and 3. You know now tha the job of life is to bring more of you into your own life, just as OG did. And, however many gifts OG brought to your life, you lucky old thing, all these things you know now were always true about you. 


And you made me laugh out loud mentioning your mother sending you to your room. My mother liked to punish bad behavior by making me sit in a chair facing the corner. I didn't mind; I'd just take a nap. So she sent me to my room. Bonus! I always enjoyed that! 


Cheers, Geezerette, life is good.