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Background:  I've never been a foundation girl, I prefer to just use good skin care with an exfolient and moisturizing sunblock, topped with a little Clinique Blended Face Powder and some blush.


Sun damage spots and blotches from all those old sunburns coupled with my 62 years is really ramping up though. Smiley Sad  I want to graduate to a foundation and prefer to stick with Clinique.  I prefer oil free because my pores clog right up, especially nose, with any regular foundation I've tried.


Any tips?  Thanks!


PS - I should add that I'm completely inept at applying it and don't have time for sponges, blenders, etc.  Sigh.

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My favorite foundation for years and years was a Clinique oil-free foundation! Perfect color match (Stay Ivory I think). 
It helped shield my face from the sun and I added a sunscreen 60+ because I used retinA every night faithfully.

I am now 68 and battling an autoimmune skin condition. Have developed an allergy to titanium dioxide so cannot use most makeup these days, but I do/did have great faith in Clinique products. Always got great advice at their counters too.

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Re: Clinique foundations

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Sorry, never mind.

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I'm a Clinique girl from way back, and have had a lot of experience with their foundations over the years.  I'm 70 and have combination oily skin, major concerns arelike yours -- texture, age and sun spots, pores, not too much concern with wrinkles. 


For a while now my favorite Clinique foundation is called Beyond Perfecting.  It's moderate to full coverage, consists of foundation and concealer in one.  You basically use it as foundation and dab a little extra where you want concealing, like under the eyes and around the nostrils. Fast and good.  It comes in liquid and powder form, both are great and so easy -- with the liquid you just put it on either with your fingers or with the wand it comes with, and with the powder you use the little puff it comes with or a disposable cotton round.


Based on your comments, I think you might like this.

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The Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick is a must. Lightweight, I do some big X's on my face and voila, I am ready to face the word during summer time.

I am protected by the sun because I always wear my SPF underneath.

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Hi!  I am a bit older than you (64) and have used Clinique Stay Matte foundation.  It is medium coverage but you can sheer it out by applying a small amount.  It's not super matte so it won't make your skin look dry.  I can't recall if it is completely oil free but you can check igredients on their website.  Might I suggest you use either a brush or sponge for any foundation you decide on.  It's a lot faster than applying with your fingers and your end result will be much smoother.  Good luck with your search!

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I have some uneven skin tone and I use Clinque's BB cream.  It is lightweight and sheer but covers very well.  I apply with my fingers.

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@LCR thank you, that sounds perfect!!!

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Thank you everyone.  ♥