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@Midmod have you thought about adding a hyaluronic acid treatment to your routine?  I'm currently using the black rice HA one by Perlier (got it on a special price, I'd never pay the regular price) and I really like it.  The Ordinary has one too that people seem to like. 

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I've been using a cleansing balm or oil for a few years.  First was Tatcha's Cleansing Oil and a balm I can't recall the name of and currently Glow Recipe's Cleansing Balm.  Only use them when I've worn makeup that day.  They have done a great job, rinse well and quickly and leave my face feeling soft (not dry/stripped).  I'll soon be finished with the GR Cleansing Balm and may try another one.  I have not had any problems with clogged pores or breakouts.

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hmm.. I'm not sure I know what a "Cleansing Balm" is... do you have any identifiers?  .. like Brand/Product names? ..or Descriptions?  Do they work?   TIA

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@ShopAHaulic wrote:

hmm.. I'm not sure I know what a "Cleansing Balm" is... do you have any identifiers?  .. like Brand/Product names? ..or Descriptions?  Do they work?   TIA




Anyone can use a cleansing balm. People who wear heavy makeup, long-wearing/waterproof products (including sunscreens) and/or have sensitive/overly-dry skin will benefit the most from using cleansing balms which are oil-based cleansers designed to easily dissolve oil-based products without having to scrub. Cleansing balms do not require any water upon application and do not suds up. It's like applying a cream to your face which you massage in to help dissolve facial products,  then you wipe/rinse it away and follow up with a regular cleanser if needed.


There are many cleansing balm brands out there. I happen to like e.l.f.'s and also Clean It Zero

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Re: Cleansing balms+ creams

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20220418_182013.jpgI use Pur Almond Oil (Amazon site) to remove my eye make up and wipe my face with it.  It's amazing, and never clouds or irritates my eyes.  My lashes look good too.    Then I follow up with my glycolic cleanser on my face only.  No clogged pores.

I highly recommend the Almond oil...its unscented and very thorough.   Can be used all over the body too.

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When I first started using a cleansing balm, I bought it with the intention of double cleansing and I did for a couple of months.  Then one night I forgot the second cleanse and went right into my Paula's Choice BHA solution.   The cottonball was spotless so I quit doing anything after my balm.


I have been using a cleansing balm for at least a year and I've never had clogged pores because of it.  I do use either a toner or the BHA solution morning and night.

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and currently using Glow Recipe's Cleansing Balm. 

Both do a great job.  The Tatcha Oil is $48/5oz

Glow Recipe Balm is $32/3.4oz.  The price comes out 

about the same but I do believe the oil lasts longer unless

I'm using more balm than I need to

I only use these products when I've worn

makeup that day.  Love using an oil or balm to remove my makeup.

On those days I triple cleanse.  Oil or blam-cleanser-exfoliator. 

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I use a cleansing oil daily and a cleansing balm on makeup days, but when I do run out of the cleansing oil I will probably switch to just the cleansing balm since it's easier to get.  I like them both.  I never double cleanse, even when wearing makeup.  I will use Lancome Bifacil first on my eye makeup, but the cleansing balm will get it off with a little extra effort.  

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I did use the same product from HSN. I had it on auto ship for 2 yrs. I recently stopped using it because I just see no difference whatsoever. I figured I gave it long enough. Now I use EL advanced night repair.
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I used to oil cleanse but stopped. Used good oils I bought online. I don't know if it's makeup primer or cleansing cream making my skin look dull sometimes. My nose looks like it's beginning to have a few clogged pores. The top of my cheeks right below my eyes sometimes shows a tiny whitehead, which I never used to see there.
I've only recently started using primer. First used M. Asam primer but I think it was irritating my skin so I changed to Tatcha. The tatcha doesn't look like it's irritating my skin but it doesn't grip as well as elf. So it may be the elf. Not sure