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Does anyone have a cleansing oil they like that is effective at removing makeup? I've  tried a couple and like to do a "pre cleanse" with oil to remove makeup and then wash my face with my regular cleanser. I'm just about out of the Clinique oil I've been using any suggestions on a replacement as I wasn't 100% happy with it. 

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Re: Cleansing Oil

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Tatcha!!  I LOVE this cleansing oil.  It's my winter time go to especially.  I've used Purity for years but I find it too drying now.  2 pumps of Tatcha cleansing oil and it removes every last trace of make up and leaves my skin so smooth. 

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I have used Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil for years and love it. It gets everything off.

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Tatcha was too drying for me. At the suggestion of @JeanLouiseFinch I tried Dr. Young's Camelia Cleansing oil (Amazon.) it works much better for me and takes off heavy duty makeup.
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@Summer Shine  I use Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Oil....have used it for yrs. It's gentle, takes off eye make (mascara too) & face makeup. After applying all over my face and eyes, I add a drop of water and it turns to a slightly milky foam. Then I use a warm wash cloth to remove all the makeup/oil/foam. My face does not feel oily or tight, just moisturized and super clean. I've used the Clarisonic w/ a drop of the oil after cleansing 

and not a trace of makeup on the brush, so I know my face is really clean..pores, too. 



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I've been using One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleasing Oil for a couple years now, at the recommendation of @HappyDaze. I will continue to use it as they long as they produce it.

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Re: Cleansing Oil

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I've tried a few cleansing oils and for me Dr. Young Camellia Deep Cleansing Oil (get it on Amazon) has been the best.  I've reordered many times and never want to be without it. I still prefer using a facial cloth to get the surface stuff off, but then I do the cleansing with the oil.  Apply a couple pumps of the oil to your face, rub it around, then add a little water to turn it into a milk.  Use a warm, wet washcloth to remove it or you can splash rinse if you prefer.  You'll have clean skin that isn't dried out.  If you prefer a double-cleanse method, use the cleansing oil first and then your other cleanser second.  

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@suzyQ3 wrote:

I've been using One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleasing Oil for a couple years now, at the recommendation of @HappyDaze. I will continue to use it as they long as they produce it.


Due to recommendations from @suzyQ3 & @HappyDaze,  I too started using OLO Vit B Cleansing Oil.  I just love it.  I remember ordering at a discount on Cyber Monday a year ago.  With a leap of faith and historically great recs from these ladies,  I purchased two bottles and have never looked back.  This is after using loads of other cleansing oils. To provide perspective as to how long a bottle lasts, I'm about 1/2 way through the 2nd bottle which makes it a great value, too.  

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I've used coconut oil to remove waterproof eye makeup and it works well.  Inexpensive too!  Not sure how it would work on full face makeup.

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I'm on my 3rd bottle of bareminerals Mineralixirs Cleansing Oil, which is being discontinued.  It's been in the sale section of the website for a while now, but I'll keep buying it until it's no longer sold.  I don't want to try the new version because the old one works so well for me.  It takes off all my makeup and rinses clean without leaving my skin dry.  I don't need to use a cloth to get it off either.  I have a couple of other oil cleansers which need to be taken off with a warm towel.  Not as convenient as the bareminerals one.