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So if I use this brand of makeup, I can look like this?




LOL!  Smiley Wink

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@beach-mom    Oh sure....ESPECIALLY if you actually take a dip and even get your face and hair wet!    Doncha just love those "photos"?!?    di

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I hope not.  I'll be aging instead of anti-aging Smiley Surprised

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Whether you like the photo or not....,,marketing is big business.  We are foolish to think that if we purchase _______, we will look like, be as successful, live the good life.  It is refreshing to see the current ads of anthropomorphic animals going about our daily lives....probably has nothing to do with the product being sold, but it gives us a laugh.  New trend in advertising, as we have caught on to the fact that we won't look like that stunning model just by buying a jar of whatever.  We study ingredients now, hopefully, and have become intelligent consumers. 

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Get your face wet, throw your head back, have the right makeup artist, the right light and photoshop and you, too, can look dewy, fresh and a whole lot younger than you really are!  

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