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I thought she looked great today! Just saying. Looks like one post was deleted. Too bad people have to be mean. She’s a beautiful lady I think. Not interested in her products however. 

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I watched and she came across as very nice.  I thought she would answer some of the questions posed on FB, but her segment was only 30 minutes.  Like most of the other celebrities who bring their cosmetics to the public, she has had quite a bit of surgery.  I will say that physically she is in excellent shape, I guess from the Total Gym.  It appears that it worked well for her.

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Would like to try her makeup line, as always looking for a decent foundation, but have so much on hand now to finish up.

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She is one of the few NATURAL beauties ! Such class, too !

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She has a line of eyeglass frames sold at Walmart.  Each time I need a new pair of glasses due to my needing stronger lens, I try on lots of frames and each time it's her line that look best on me.  They hold up great, never had a problem with the frames, just got new ones when I needed new lenses.  Love them!

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Beautiful! Incredible body!

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I've always loved Christy. She looks incredible even at her age now. Beautiful face.
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Re: Christy Brinkley

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Christie has had things done, as many do but not drastic and she looks great.

She took wonderful care of herself to begin with...we can see that.

I wish more celebs and stars now that are older would take a leaf from her book....less is more! lil tweaks here and there work better.

I like tried and true skincare lines not celebrity label lines...her line or any others do not appeal to me.

I saw something online where her beautiful daughter with Billy Joel has been bashed for her's so sad.. I have no idea why they do this? she's so beautiful!...jealousy due to her parents being famous and wealthy but she's sweet and such a nice girl  ..if you saw how her other sister had to defend her it was so heartwarming. At one time she had a low self esteem and tried to commit suicide due to pressure about her 'looks' [odd since she's so lovely] and was being compared to her mothers looks! not in a kind way. That's terrible and so low. I think the internet is wonderful.. but it is very hurtful as well especially to younger people...geesh to even many of us!

Then there was a lovely and fun photo op on a beach in the ocean with her 2 daughters who are so  different looking  - both beautiful in their own way. Hope someone saw that article, I forget where it was or I'd share it..




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Look at her body! Her legs. Life of healthy choices. Fine example not only in her choices. More importantly genuine compassionate nature. Read and watched Christy interviewed throughout the years. Sincere intelligent lovely individual. Involvement in our planet earth. Helping less fortunate. Congratulations! Christy Brinkley. Best wishes.⚘

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I watched her half hour beauty show yesterday. No matter work or no work, she is and always a beauty. Her body looks especially good since she kept her weight and didn't get too skinny.

BTW, she announced she was engaged and seemed very happy.

Her cosmetic line looks very attractive, and I would love to have tried it but have too much cosmetics right now. They were decently priced. I might have given it a go if she would have had a kit.