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Chaz nit coming on Q as often?

Is he not coming back as much yo sell wen? He got a new gal.from PA. She seems nice but I love watching him talking about his formulas. Such passion for the product (and the cause).
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Re: Chaz nit coming on Q as often?

Her name is Gina Gannon she will be his backup for times when he cannot make it to PA. Now that he's in other countries, his schedule has been hectic.
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Re: Chaz nit coming on Q as often?

Yes,that info last night was very disappointing, we want Chaz ,not another representive {#emotions_dlg.crying}

edited to say:

Not for nothing ,but I don't think I'll watch as much when Chaz isn't on.He just has that chrisma that makes you watch even if you don't buy anything.

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Re: Chaz nit coming on Q as often?

Give the guy a break, he can only do so much. Personally, I'm going to support his decision and will purchase and use WEN no matter who presents it. Gina, his "right-hand gal" seems very sweet and since she isn't a professional stylist, will bring a new aspect to the presentations - Chaz said she would be presenting from the view of a passionate user of WEN and will be able to relate to WEN users and teaching how to blow dry your hair to get Chaz' look yourself. I think that will be very interesting.