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Changing Scents On AD TSV's?

I've seen this question before, but not sure if it can be done. I have one more shipment of each of 2 scents from March TSV-Cleanse, Restore, and Style, which is 32oz CC, 16 oz 613 and styling cream, plus 2 oz 613 rtm. I basically want to change from Lavender to TT on one, and CA to Fig- just to try them, and also to vary my stash a bit. I can't do this on line, except to up the quantity, and I vaguely recall someone saying in past that it can be done under certain conditions. I 've checked back in some of the posts and seems like some of the customer serice reps may not know how to do this, so thought I would check here first. Thanks im advance for advice. Cheryl.