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When I moved here 3 years ago I found an Aveda salon. Liking their products I decided to go there. I got signed up with a young stylist. Well, she was very nice and tried very hard. But, as she talked, I realized she was fresh out of beauty school. She really was totally incompetitent in coloring or even cutting my hair. I had an inverted bob back then and decided to go back to my short pixie. She told me that, the night before, she had to watch tutorials on-line to figure out how to cut my hair short! The topping on the cake was I ended up with my whole head of hair absolutely jet black in color last summer! Buh bye! I found another, very experienced, gal in another town nearby and I'm as happy as a clam with how she does my cut and color. Woman Happy

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I have changed frequently. I used to feel bad about it but dont anymore. I need to go where I get a decent cut  Smiley Happy

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As I said in that other thread, I jump around from hairdresser to hairdresser occasionally.  I always end up going back to the same barber I've gone to for 40 years, but sometimes I need a change.  Change is good.


It's your hair and your money, so you should get your hair done wherever you want.  No guilt.

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I would love to find a new stylist. 


Not because I'm not happy with the cut, it's just a little further than I really want to go.


I don't trust trying a new person at a salon closer to home and have to go back to him to fix it!

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I make it a habit to be very business-like with my hairdressers. It's my money and my hair. I never feel bad about changing if I am no longer satisfied or feel that I need a change. It works out well for me. I view it as a business, not a lifelong best friend.

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