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I have the tub of moisturizing cream but it didn't come with a pump. Actually this one is rather thick so doubt if a pump would work. Love it at this time of year when without using it after showering my arms would be dry and my legs so dry they get flaky. I like that it absorbs quickly. Was using Josie M's body butter and like that too but it stays a tad greasy on the skin for a bit before absorbing so for now while it's cold thus long sleeve and long pants weather and don't want to wait for the body butter to absorb am using just the CeraVe Cream.

Wal-Mart Is the only store that I know of sells tub with pump...

I saw it at my CVS.

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Love this. I keep a jar on my night table, in the bathroom, and on the kitchen counter. I get the jars with pump through that big e-retailer "Amazing River".

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I've been using their products for about 6 months now and I'm loving it. I use:


PM moisturizer under my makeup. Don't use AM as it contains sunscreen and my foundation already has sunscreen.

Eye treatment


Moisturizer in tub with pump at night

Foaming Cleanser with Clarisonic in AM

SA cleanser and Moisturizing cleanser in PM


I'm really looking forward to their new oil serum to hit the stores! So far, I haven't been able to find it near me.



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The only one of their products I've tried that I did not like was their cleansing clothes. They left a burning sensation on my skin. Want back to Neutrogena for those.

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Impressive!! Paula's choice rates excellent!!
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I bought a big tub at Costco, but I don't see it there anymore.  Sam's Club has the 19 oz. tub with pump for $11.76.

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@Ethereal, at Costco they may have it behind the pharmacy counter again instead of out on the floor. The same thing happened with the Biotene Dry Mouth mouthwash. It started out behind the pharmacy counter, was put on the  floor in a 2 pack, now it's back behind the pharmacy counter again, sold as individual bottles. 

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Re: CeraVe Cream

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CeraVe Crm in the tub is also nice to add any type oil into. I have 3 nice 4 oz jars I put the cream in placed strategically around the house and may add an oil to the jar or mix them in my hand together.

I bought a Suzanne Somers TTV Coconut Oil Body Souffle and a big 4 oz bottle of her Coconut Oil Serum last summer, the souffle is gone now but I add her coconut oil serum into the Cerave crm, its very nice when I want some extra umph! Olive oil, argan oil, jojoba, whatever you have would be good.

Of any body (and hand) cream I have used in my lifetime, Cerave crm is still the best on the market!!

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My husband and myself and several people we know use and absolutely love CeraVe SA Lotion. My legs used to itch after shaving and I used to break out along my bakini line from shaving. Not anymore, I use this on my face day and night and no longer have dry skin. My husband used to get cracked feet, but not anymore our Doctor told us this is the best stuff.


We also use the hydrating face wash. Our skin has never looked better. I only wish CeaVe would make a bottle bigger than 8oz we go through it very quickly. But it works great so that's why we continue to buy it.

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Re: CeraVe Cream

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Due to the good reviews of Cerave, I'm going to have to try it!  My Paula's Choice face wash is not working the best anymore and is getting expensive.


I tried Cetaphil face wash and it did nothing for taking my makeup off and left a film. I could do better with just a warm wet facecloth. 


Anyway, thank you ladies for the suggestion of CeraVe, I hope it works!


Oops, realized this thread is for the cream and I'm looking for a face wash, but I may try that too!!!