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I try not let the pressure of hey we only have x amount of items left before they sell out get to me. If I can't make an informed decision, then I do not purchase. 

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Yep it sits in process for 6 or 7 days or more...ordered 2 tops on the 3rd...still haven't gotten them. They are closer but with holiday on Monday doubt I will get them until maybe Tuesday 19th and I couldn't cancel them...slowest shipping on the planet at Q
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I placed my last order with QVC this month. Tired of the exclusive to them statement when you can clearly buy it cheaper elsewhere. I found the Bare Minerals stick foundation(all shades) at a better price with free samples and free priority shipping. Tired of in stock but goes into backorder status days later. Meanwhile they are still offering it. Tired of paying high shipping costs to think I am getting it quicker. If I didn't call they would charge me for the expedited shipping I didn't receive. Every phone rep tells me something different. The last one admitted they make false statements. Ordering from QVC is just unpleasant most of the time. I don't feel like they appreciate my business.