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Re: Can Anyone Recommend a Mascara That Doesn't Smear?

On 7/4/2014 NickNack said:

I just wanted to report back and say that I ended up ordering Paula's Choice Illicit Lash mascara. I love it! It doesn't smudge under my eyes by the end of the day like other mascaras have done. I have to admit that I didn't have high hopes for this mascara. Skin care seems to be Paula's niche rather than make-up. I was placing an order with her anyway so decided to give this a try. My lashes are sparse, and this mascara really gives me nice full lashes.

Thanks for the feedback on this mascara- I keep meaning to try it but always forget about it when it is time to re-order mascara! I don't have issues with smudging but I like your comment of it giving you nice full lashes. I just ordered some Mirenesse mascara which will last me for awhile but when I run out, I will have to try this, if I remember, lol!