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Those that have this. Whats your opinion? Also can you buy anyplace besides the Q?

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Re: Callista round heated brush

Horrible ! will never buy from her again and I can't believe that QVC is selling her products !! The heat barely heats up and the cord for the appliance is so cheap it gets all twisted up. Just awful !!!

Will never ! buy any of her products again!! Dont buy them people!!

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Re: Callista round heated brush

I have the original and love it.  I would recommend buying it.  Haven't burned myself since I started using it, and it works great on my hair.

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Re: Callista round heated brush

I bought the Callista Perfector (not sure if that's the one you're talking about). I had big misgivings after ordering it and wanted to cancel the order. When it arrived I tried it the following morning on my bed head hair, and was really pleasantly surprised. I like the body and volume that it gives me. Works great for me and I'm glad I wasn't able to cancel the order.