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I have a similar tool like this pretty much the same, this may be an updated version I bought mine about a year ago....does nothing like they are showing on TV.....actually I don't think it is doing anything for Shawn hair either...looks messy to me..IMO

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I think this is Basically the same final effect as the Perfector, except with this, you need to use a glove, not ideal...  Pass.

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I have her perfector tool and loved it so much that I reordered when the first one stopped working. The only thing I extremely dislike about it is the heat part doesn't come off so can't be washed; there is no easy way to keep it clean if you use any styling products on your hair. When I wrote them about the issue, I was told to just clean it with a q-tip after each use, not really a viable option for me as it would just take too long to go through all those rows of teeth. I won't repurchase when my current one dies but will search out a different brand. I wouldn't buy any tool where I would have to use a glove to style my hair. If it gets too hot for my hands, I don't want it on my hair.

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The bristle's on the new iteration also look like the could cause excessive damage to the hair shaft. 

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I just do not care for these kinds of tools because you have to stand there and do little sections at a time. Plus, with stiff bristles, it has to be damaging to your hair.


For some reason, they think we'll be enticed by the pretty colors. This is an easy pass for me.

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I have a drawer with Calista tools in it that are never used and never did what you see on the presentations.  Am thinking of either donating or tossing cuz I never use them anyway.

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There's a 1.5" tool on Amazon that looks like the exact design for $43.99. 

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I have the original and the only thing different is I think there are bristles on this one. Mine has plastic teeth.


I love it. I have trouble blow drying my hair because of arthritis. I love the faux blow but I don't use it for volume. I use it more like a flat iron.


The original only came with one size barrel. I don't know what it is but it really works for me.

Seems like Calista changes one thing and reinvents it for sale.

Her hairstyle is not a selling point. I'm surprised.


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Easy pass.  I already have 2 Perfectors in 2 sizes.  These seem to be the same idea only with bristles.  Do not like the idea of only 1 heat setting.  I always use the lowest setting on all the tools.