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CLARISONIC MIA TSV - has anyone experienced this when using?

Recently purchased the Clarisonic Mia TSV. After all the hype this product gets, I figured I would try it. I normally just use a white washcloth when I wash my face (never understood how people can just use their hands to cleanse their face! To me I would think that method would never truly clean your face thoroughly) After trying the Clarisonic for the first time, my brush was still completely clean!! I'm always reading how people say when they use their Clarisonic, their brush is brown. For me that was not the case. Truthfully, I did not notice any difference at all. I believe I'm using this correctly. I mean, what more can it do, haha? Or is it just not for me. Don't have any real problems with my skin in the first place so not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing. No huge differences here like I often read about.

Anybody use a Clarisonic and find they really didn't need to after all? Furthermore, all the swirling the brush does on my face I would hate it for it to CAUSE wrinkles eventually that I don't currently have. Skin on the face is so very gentle. Is it really good for the skin to be twisted like that anyway? Have always wondered that! Anybody have a Dr.'s opinion on a Clarisonic?

I'm just not so sure about this product yet. Some of the best women's skin out there never would have had this invention years ago and they look fantastic! Sometimes I believe less is more with our regimen. So far, I think my washcloth is doing just fine but not giving up on the Clarisonic just yet. Your thoughts?