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@Q4u wrote:

Let me tell you that there is no loyalty and no personal concern when lay offs and firings are concerned.  They'll tell you "it's just business".  And in THAT vein, the employee MUST look after themselves during their career and jump ship if need be in order to secure better positions along the way.


Someone close to us was with a company over 35 years.  Worked his way up to one of the Vice Presidents of what became a multi-billion dollar company in Southern Calif.  He survived 2 corporate purchases and was considered one of their "golden gooses".  After a couple of years with the second purchase, the powers that be decided to shave off some of the older personnel allowing younger (*cough* less expensive) personnel to come in taking their place (suspected reason, no proof).


This gentleman (in his 50's) was given 1 hour to collect all his personal possessions and was NOT ALLOWD to say goodbye to people he'd managed for up to 35 years, coming into the corporation around the same time he did.  It was/is one of the coldest things we've ever seen.


As it would happen.... the younger less expensive individual that took his job only took 6 months to lose a 20 million dollar contract that had been part of this company (through this gentleman's influence and ability) for over 25 years!!  This new guy was fired!  The company lost the contract and it went to another corporation.


So the moral of the story is:  There is no loyalty coming from the corporations to their employees   It's only business and often the decisions they make are downright stupid.  Harsh. 



But there is KARMA - eventually...

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I am going to say this, loving Perricone as I do.  Their customer service dept totally needs an overhaul.  When you get a CS rep after waiting on the line forever, it is a good experience.  Otherwise, forget it.  That is my experience.  I have used Perricone for almost 6 years.  I love it and wouldn't change, the results for me are just too good!


It is such a weird experience.  When you call Perricone to resolve an issue (which isn't that often)  you can be hold for 20 minutes.  They also offer an option to leave a message.  You never know when someone will call you back.  It could be an hour, it could be a day.  If you miss the call you do it over and over again.  They literally do not have people to answer the phones.  I think when you call, the ring goes to an "at home rep".  If they are busy, you listen to Dr perricone give a speech, which is okay.  The problem is if you are on hold like I always am, you can hear that same message 5 to 10 times!  I hate it when I have an issue.  I dread "the call".  It also takes up to 10 days to get an order.  They ship free though.  The problems I have had were the product ran out of the container during a heat wave.  Another time the package and tube were damaged in transit.  It isn't their fault, they just need better CS service.  They never question the damage, they take care of it pronto, and for free.  The CS agents are knowledgeable and sweet ...when you get them.  LOL!  I love the idea of working with agents from their home. To access workers from home really helps so many.  Moms, dads who want/need to stay home,disabled, those tending to aged parents.  List goes on


That is sad about the lay offs, I hate that.  Sometimes they just need to consoladate and downsize.  Lord knows they charge enough for their product.  It is a leading brand.  I also know it is made in very small batches which may account for some cost.

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Unfortunately,  it's indispensible today ...  gone tomorrow.

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My son was laid off at the age of 50 after being with the company since AGE 18'  He was able to get another job in his field and has been there six years.  The company that let him go outsourced their work to MEXICO.  Now it is hard to understand anyone you call.

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My son was laid off at the age of 50 after being with the company since AGE 18'  He was able to get another job in his field and has been there six years.  The company that let him go outsourced their work to MEXICO.

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Sadly this happens all the time and so often we the customer never know what goes on behind the scence of our favorite companies. I have been a faithful Eileen Fisher customer for 40 plus years, about 5 years ago I began to notice they were cutting corners and commented to the sales people that had taken care of me so wonderfully for 35 years, turns out they were all forced into buy outs and new less expensive employees replaced the dedicated sales and managerial staff that had taken such good care of me over the years. Two other of my favorite catalogue companies have been bought out by Chico's in the last 15 years, first it was Fitigues, who only months earlier were offering their best clientele franchise deals (screwing their best clients) as Chico's closed down the line completely, fortunately I had become sick and never made my flight to learn about the franchise offer! Now Chico's has bought out Boston Proper and already I am seeing less of some of the items I loved from Boston Proper. Whith an economy like todays and a government that has done everything in it's power to crush US businesses, this is what happens, not that it didn't happen before but now we are looking at more than 1/2 the population recieving some sort of support and an ever growing federal government that wants to employ more and more of the free thinkers and developers. I truly wish the staff from Conneticut all the best and hope the line keeps up their quality. I am a loyal user of almost all Dr Perricone's products.