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I think the issue is reviews are a small fraction of sales.  If there are 3000 sales and 100 reviews and 62 are bad, it's a small percentage.  

Exactly. That is why I don’t rely totally on the reviews. If a product wasn’t good, they’d pull it. 

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I've had another set of her hot rollers and they weighed a ton. I have fine hair but a lot of it, and they just slid off. 

Maria pushes lots and lots of tools that are not satisfactory. I wouldn't touch her hot rollers. 

I do have two of her Perfectors. I would rather she come out with fewer tools but better ones.



@febe1  It makes me wonder if Q purchased her salon/product line.


They have mentioned that she does many of the hosts/models hair at her nearby salon.  There is probably some allegiance towards her to sell the products.

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I have a set of these rollers I purchased a few years ago and they are as good as any other brand of hot rollers I have ever had.  A friend got them for me as a present but we did find them on Amazon for much less than QVC. 

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I have an older set,maybe four years old and I really like it

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I have never ordered a Calista product because they always seem to get negative reviews............Easier to check Amazon...

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I have a set and they don't get very hot.  When I use them my hair does not hold.  I am not a fan of them.

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Hummmm. Mixed reviews here, too.