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Bye Bye redness

Bye bye product more like, just got mine and it was half empty. I read reviews and lo and behold, another review with the same assessment. Half empty, liquidy, and too yellow. Going back. I waiting on hold for CS, but it was just taking too long, wish I had gotten a good jar.

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Re: Bye Bye redness

it's probably not 1/2 empty sometimes product isn't filled up to the top to allow for shipping

I ordered it  and it was the same way,



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Re: Bye Bye redness

That is too bad, I bought it in a package with the ombre blush and the container was full. I was able to pick color tint choices and the coverage was enough for me to run out to the pharmacy or corner store. But this was an auto delivery pacakge and I certainly do not need blush as frequently as BBR, so I cancelled the plan. Your post makes me wary to purchase it on it’s own.