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My two GD's are back to college in a few weeks and I was wondering if you thought they might like Bobbi Brown's "Everyday Pretty Lip and Eye Palette".

It's a small travel size palate that has a bit of things for the eyes and lips, etc. I've not used this line, so I'm not familiar with the products at all.

Have any of you tried this product or do you think it looks OK for a small gift.

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I have that one and use it quit a bit. I love it, and think it would be perfect for your GD'S. It's adorable, and fits in your hand, but there is quit a bit of product in it. The colors are really nice in this kit, and it's pretty versitile. You can do a lighter eye or a darker eye. The value is really good too. I have a ton of Bobbi Brown items by the way, love them.
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I don't have this palette, but I think it would be a lovely gift for your GD's. I would have been ecstatic to receive it!

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I'm new to the Bobbi Brown line but love it. I started with the makeup palette and have purchased many other products. Her palettes may look small but you get more product/s in them than you think for the size. I especially like the way the palettes are designed by color scheme or face area. Great choice for your GD's.

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Thank you ladies so much. After I get them, I may just have to get one for myselt, too.

Thanks again.

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I gifted this to a co-worker and friend last christmas she was thrilled and she used it all the time. They are great little compacts. I have the pink/black one