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Jouer Champagne & Macaron Face Palette in Sweet Cheeks.  This was on sale for $15 on the Jouer website but they were sold out.  Had to pay $18 on eBay, (free shipping).  I miss finding good deals on makeup on eBay but the deals aren't so good anymore.  


Benefit Gemme Brows in 4.5 neutral deep brown (Sephora)

Benefit Cosmetics - Mini Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel 4.5 allure 2019 Best of Beauty Award Winner

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@monicakm I have that blush palette in the deeper shade. I really like it. Wish I had gotten the lighter one too - the reviews on sephora influenced me not to buy it initially (said it wouldn't really show on medium+ skin) and when I went back to order it was sold out.  Not sure why I didn't think to search the jouer website.  Hope you love yours.


I got another nice blush palette from sephora too - Artist couture Love Sprung Blush Palette - this one in the lighter colors


I'm never sure about picking the right color for my brow fill in.  

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Are you comfortable buying from eBay?  I stick with sellers that have a 99.7% rating or above and sellers with a LOT of sales.  This particular seller has 99.1% positive ratings but over 11K in sales so I took a chance.  They said it was new.  I've only had one sale go south and eBay went to bat for me and refunded my money.  


That's a nice blush set Smiley Happy


I used to wear a deep bronzed brown hair color and wore Benefit Gemme Brow color in 3.75 Warm medium brown

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But now wear this one and have changed to Gemme Brow in 4.5 neutral deep brown.  My bangs mostly cover my brows so it's not a big issue, I've just now decided to finally make the color change.

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