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I need help q searching for a navy mascara.ive looked at qvc and hsn website,but no luck.any comments will be appreciated.everyone,have a great saturday!

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Hi @Luvsmyfam 


Are you limited to only HSN and QVC?  I have worn blue mascara by Chanel and I really liked that.  I know some other brands offer a blue-- L'Oreal Voluminous and Thrive.

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Good ol' Maybelline makes a blue mascara.  Wore it for years and loved it!  Always got complements.

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If you type in navy blue mascara in google browser a bajillion results show up including Amazon.



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@Luvsmyfam .......I got mine on Amazon

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I love navy mascara. Because my lashes are still dark, I apply it lightly er black mascar to get the color and the depth.


I agree that L'Oreal makes it, but it's difficult to find. When I do, I usually purchase 3-4 tubes. Unopened, they last and do not go bad. 

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No reason to look on Q or HSN, go right to ebay and amazon. I always use L'Oreal mascara in Denim or Cobalt.  You can always check Sephora and Ulta. 

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L'Oreal Lash Paradise Moonlight Mascara in navy, plenty listed on ebay. 

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Re: Blue mascara

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@Luvsmyfam   Estee Lauder had a navy mascara which I still own so check it out to see if they still do. Nevermind, they don't have but Thrive Cosmetics has a deep blue mascara.

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