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@tototwo  When I was younger, I had dark, thick hair on my arms, legs and underarms. I shaved all almost daily in summer. Then I tried NAIR remover...both methods felt bristly as the hair grew back. 


Luckily, the hairs on legs, etc. has practically disappeared and only requires shaving once a week. Chin and facial hair? I did the laser removal, but it goes on forever to catch every little hair follicle since they all grow at various times. The process was endless appointment. I even did it on myself and it was tedious.


Now, on my face, I use those flip top razors from Amazon...3-5 in a bag for less than $10. I use it on my sideburns and the tops of brows, between brows and along my cheeks...instant hair fuzz removal and exfoliation at the same time. On chin hairs that pop up daily, a tweezer is my friend. 

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I don't think there's ever been any doubt that a blade gives a closer, long-lasting shave but it certainly isn't as easy or convenient as an electric.  Take your pick. 

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I use Venus 3 blade razor for sensitive skin. I shave twice a week in cold weather, but in the summer I increase to every other day just on my lower legs since I'm wearing knee length dresses and Bermuda shorts. I know a lot of women say they don't have to shave as much after menopause, but I still have dark leg hair on my lower legs. 

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I don't have to shave as often as I used to, maybe once every two weeks or so, so I just use a disposable. I would love to get an electric though! Now Chin hairs-another story-every two days for those!!! lol! 

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I use an epilater and am so happy with it. It really does reduce the amount of hair you have to shave and how often. I know it depends on each person but I'm glad I started.


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Blade if/when I need to shave my legs. Underarms and FACE still needs shaved regularly.  I shave peach fuzz from my face with a variety of hair removal tools and pluck those stupid chin hairs.

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@wilma -- I use those Venus razors too - work best for me.  I was told (and I believed) that after about age 50, the hair on women's legs stopped growing.  Hahahahaha.... that didn't happen.   I'm as furry as I ever was!

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Re: Blade or Electric?

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@Shanus - what is a flip top razor?!?  Googled and couldn't find anything!


ok, I think I may have found them?  So they work good?- I always wondered!


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