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@sfnative, we do have flouride in our water, and chlorine - yuk.  Thing is, I was taking the biotin for my hair, not my nails.  My nails were fairly strong to begin with, and I do so much yardwork I pretty much gave up on having pretty nails long ago.  I don't know that I have seen much of a benefit for my hair, but I'll keep taking it since I can tell that I am getting a benefit from it.  It may just be that the nails are just more noticeable.  


Also, I wore some gel-nails (the polish) too long and that really damaged my nails, but they have recovered nicely.  They had to grow out to recover, but that happened relatively quickly.  Won't do that again.



Hi Icegoddess,


Don't know where you live, but where I used to live nearly my entire life, we had flouridated water with relatively low chlorine levels.  Now in OR, no flouride and really high levels of chlorine.  The water here is just horrible.  It's probably good for my hair that I am taking biotin, because of the chlorine and other stuff they have to put in the water, due to high levels of bacteria.  Water treatment plants, which existed at a high quality level where I used to live, are a joke here.

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Biotin in shampoos makes my hair fuller and thicker

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My doctor always asks what OTC herbals and vitamins I may be taking.  He has told me to never start taking any OTC product without talking to him first.  He has explained that many OTC products may have bad interactions with prescription medications I take every day or with my general health.  When I asked him about Biotin several years ago, my doc told me to never take it.  I follow his advice.

@tototwo  Funny thing, my doctor told me it would be to my benefit after 8 months of chemo.


I had to teach myself to really 'walk' again, instead of the shuffle when I finally could get out of bed and go outside.

I had no immune system and my hemoglobin was at 7.7 instead of my usual 13.2-I was fainting everyday.

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My hair is crazy thick but my nails have always been an issue. I started taking Biotin many years ago with no problem. I also have Hypothyroidism. Well my usual Biotin 5000 was out of stock so I bought the 10,000. My bldwk for my thyroid kept coming back showing that I was getting too much Synthroid in my body. My doc realized that I had bumped it up to 10,000 and told me to go back to the 5000. He also advised to take it later in the day so that there would be no interference with my Synthroid.. Since then have had no problems.

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@Tricolor, I am also hypothyroid and take 5000/day.  I take most supplements and medications at night too so as not to interfere with my thyroid medicine.  I did make a point of stopping the Biotin about a week before my yearly bloodwork just in case, but I really didn't see a difference in my thyroid numbers between last year wBiotin and this year without.