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On 5/24/2014 Irishrose136 said:

I was having trouble with thinning hair, losing way too much with each shampoo. My family practitioner recommended the Biotin 5000mcg daily that you've seen others recommend. It did help me. Much much less hair in my brush or the drain.

Nails? I have acrylics so I can't tell.

The rec. dose on Biotin is what my Dr. takes. She is roughly 60 and her hair is so gorgeous I hate her. Smiley Wink

I was experiencing a lot of hair loss last year - most likely due to weight loss. I started taking ProCaps Healthy Hair Skin & Nails (again; I was running low & slacked off) in the morning & added 5000mcg biotin in the evening.

I also got Nutri-ox shampoo, conditioner & leave-in treatment; these products helped me when I experienced hair loss years ago even though I was not taking hair supplements then. They helped this time, too. I tried just the shampoo but I did not see results until I was using all three products. They do contain biotin but it is not the main ingredient in any of them. Not sure if it really does anything when applied to the hair but something works.

My hair stopped falling out & it is growing like crazy now. I plan to continue using all of these things as long as I am losing weight.

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I tried bioten supplements and it did nothing.

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I use Nature's Gate Biotin, conditioner and shampoo and swear by it! I also take biotin everyday. My hair has gotten thicker and my hairline has grown it, its amazing. My nails are stronger too!

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Sounds weird. My hair are falling quickly with passage of time. So need these kinds of products.