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When I started to use the high dosage biotin my hair grew faster and stronger. i remember I accidentally cut my bangs too short and they grew back much much faster than normal

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I've been taking Biotin for years and while my nails and hair do grow much faster it has not added any new growth. My hair growing faster is not a good thing since I am gray and now have to color every two weeks but no new growth.
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On 12/13/2014 momcat said:

These posts about women getting no results from biotin puzzles me. I've been taking it for years and I can barely keep up with trimming my nails and hair. I need a haircut every 3 to 4 weeks. And, my nails are hard as a rock. If I don't keep them filed down, it takes a lot of strength to use the clippers on them. A few months ago my husband started taking biotin for splitting nails, which it has helped, but now he is starting to complain about needing a haircut too often.

May I ask you what brand and strength you are using?

I would love to have my hair grow faster. Since menopause it has slowed down to one quarter of an inch per month.{#emotions_dlg.sad}

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I have a thickening shampoo that contains it but really do not know if it does anything; however, the shampoo is remarkable as it does thicken the hair.

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I am in my 60s now and abut 3 months ago I started taking Andrew Lessman's Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails. I have thyroid medication in addition to aging issues. My hair looks thicker and my stylist says that is growing. My hair looks a little thicker, so I hope that it is helping. In past threads many women have recommended Dr. Lessman's products. I am not taking his multi vitamin for 50+ women but I am taking the one by Centrium. So hopefully these supplements will help me. Only time will tell. Everyone is different and responds differenly to various treatments and supplements.