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Big RAVE for Geller's New Baked Concealer!

Her baked concealer really delivers.  Holy Moly, is this stuff THICK; it would cover a third arm if I had it.  Veins, zits, dark circles, you name it.  Not at all shimmery but has very, very subtle diffusion.  Lasts.  If anything, it could be less yellow-toned, but it adjusts itself well.  Such a great purchase, had to share.  Oh, and the brush is amazing!! :-D

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Re: Big RAVE for Geller's New Baked Concealer!

Glad to know it's a winner.  I received mine today, but haven't used it yet because I have Trish McEvoy's Triangle of Light on at the moment.  Now I can't wait to remove it and try Laura's new potted concealer!!   Thanks for posting your review.