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I always send a money order from the post office,  Never any issues.

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If you are looking to purchase retin A, tretinoin or Careprost, check out Tara Skincare. I buy my products from them, it is in the US, their prices are reasonable, authentic products you would get from a dermatologist. They are fresh, not expired, fast and free shipping.


I never understood why people ordered from a company in India when they had minimum purchase requirements, a hefty shipping charge and you had to go through the hassel of getting a method of payment specifically to use for buying from this company because people were leery of using their credit or debit cards. Am I missing something?

QVC lost a lot of my posts too!
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I have ordered from them twice, using my Capital One credit card. They catch the charge and ask if it's legitimate. I say yes, and it goes through. Neither time did I run into any issues. But, now that I have heard about Tara, I will go there next time.

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I've read alot of things over the years on these forums about  fraudulent charges that occurred on their cards after buying from this site. I would never trust it. I've never understood buying Rx drugs from an overseas company anyway. Too risky in many ways.