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Re: Best pencil for waterline

I have found that Urban Decay or Rimmel work best for me.

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Re: Best pencil for waterline

I was going to order Laura Geller's Kajal but it's a trio and no longer available. I only want black. The only ones for sale on ebay are the other colors in it no one else wants either. I will have to go check it out at Sephora or try another one. 

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Re: Best pencil for waterline

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This may sound a little strange but I have used my eyeshadow primer on my waterline before lining it with my pencil. I use the Milani shadow primer and put a speck on the back of my hand then take the pointy end of a beautyblender sponge and dab a tiny amount onto the sponge tip. Dab my waterline with the sponge and let set for a minute or so. Don't dab too much on because you won't get an even coverage with your pencil and it might look splotchy. It might take a couple of attempts to get it just right.  My pencil liner stays put and resists smudging. Stays all day and will not travel. The primer seems to lock on to the eyeliner pencil.  @KCDiva

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Re: Best pencil for waterline

@KCDiva,    Excellent question.  I hope you receive lots of good referrals.

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