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DHC cleansing oil. I’ve used it for about 15 years. 

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I have used Alpha skincare foaming face wash (use to be called Alpha Hydroxy skincare) for several years.  They used to have it at Ulta, but no longer carry it (can get it online at Ulta though or Amazon).  It's $7.99 and works great to take off makeup. PH balanced too.

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I recently started using Neutrogena unscented creamy cleanser.  I love it --- it is so soothing and gentle.  Perfect for this time of the year --- heat in the house -- cold outside!!!  

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Thank you all again for your responses.  So many choices.  I should have mentioned I have my favorite oil face wash.  I have been using Purity which I like because it doesn't burn eyes.  I am looking for a new one as I don't think Purity is the same as it use to be.  Decisions Decisions.  69 year old, normal to a little dry.  Thanks ladies

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