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@bunjetto wrote:

Hello Ladies!  I need a new face wash.  What is your fav?  One that does not burn or irritate your eyes.  Thanks in advnace

DHC cleansing oil- nondrying, no scent, gentle, lasts a long time.





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Clinique’s pink foaming wash. 

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I LOVE this! You can purchae in Target or Ulta 14.99! I used to use Cerave.3337875545778-Toleriane-Hydrating-Gentle-Cleanser-La-Roche-Posay.jpg

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@bunjettoI could list a dozen cleansers to meet your criteria and I do think you may find your skin requires one, two, or more different cleansers.  However, I can understand how some may say that is nonsense, so let's keep it simple.


If you want an oil cleanser my recommendation is DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.  Honorable mention to Vichy Micellar Oil Cleanser.


For something creamier you won't do much better than CeraVe regardless of how much you are willing to pay.  I suggest reading the cleanser descriptions on the CeraVe website for clarification of their differences.  They'll probably also offer you a manufacturer's coupon for browsing which can be used in conjunction with any special the drugstore is running.  Walgreens is running buy 2 beauty products get one free this week. 

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating cleansing gel.  It removes make up and leaves your skin soft.

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PM - Dr. Young Camellia Deep Cleansing Oil  and sometimes SKINN PM Cleanser
AM - SKINN AM Cleanser, but I also use Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash 2-3 times a week.

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Re: Best face wash...

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I used Paula's Choice Earth Sourced cleansing gel for years but recently started using Tula skin care, and my skin's never looked better.  I use their cleansing oil at night to remove my makeup, but I use their cleansing gel in the morning.  It lathers well and smells great!

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AM- Philosophy Microdelivery Wash

PM- Philosophy Purity Made Simple


Been using these for probably 10 yrs or so.

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Another vote here for the CeraVe but first I take off my makeup with purity and a wet wash cloth. I’ve been on auto delivery since 2009 and use it each & every day! Then I wash with CeraVe and my pop sonic 

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I use several--


Love Skinns a.m and p.m. cleansers

PTR has a nice one

Bliss is also very good.