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Re: Best eyeliner that actually stays on... HELP

@JustJazzmom wrote:

At Sephora online is a 3 pack of Lancôme Drama Liqui Pencil (black, brown & purple) for $17.50. They are sharpenable, wood doesn't split and they are similar in texture to the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils.


@JustJazzmom  oh why did I have to come here and check the posts! the last thing on earth I need is one more eyeliner :-O However this was on my list to check out (soon) in store...been avoidung in store shopping due to my impules buys..but as long as it glides and easy I am game. My lids are so darn dry now. Smiley Sad   Maybe I'll donate my other fab liners that drag on my lids to my fellow family makeup-addicts. I'm now finding with age things just are not as easy to use and truly need a easy glide type others just are too hard to work with. eBay here I come..I saw these as deluxe sizes on a few sites and at the F&F online so maybe I will try this. I heard about them a while ago. The Givenechy liner I bought is great .. a keeper Smiley Wink!

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