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I find Mally sticks very eyelids feel heavy when I wear them.  I like the IT cosmetic ones....they work better for me

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Mally's Shadow Sticks are my favorite. I've tried many of the rest and have them in my makeup arsenal but I usually reach for Mally's, especially when I need all day wear and/or a quick 30 second eyes (includes using 3 different colors). Bobbi Brown's are a close 2nd. 

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Laura Mercier is what I use and like very much.  I still like powder palettes, but the sticks are a nice change. I got the trio in the Rose Gold collection, and it includes a highlighter shade.  

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@Joizz11 - I still use and occasionally purchase eye shadow palettes & LOVE shadow sticks. 


The shadow sticks are fabulous for quick application and great for handbag makeup pouch/travel kit


There are excellent shadow stick options. My personal fav's are from IT, Mally, Skinn.


Suggest you watch for event specials. I have this IT shadow sticks duo on A/D - a good everyday color set - grabbed them in Sept at an event price $20, free shipping; regular price is $30



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I have both Thrive & elf brands. I like my elf sticks better

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I have the Laura Mercier caviar sticks & Lancôme makes a set too. They used to make many more shades when they first introduced them, but now Lancôme makes more neutral shades, 



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