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Is this mascara that good?  I have tried so many and always go back to Cover Girl cause it does not smudge on me and comes off so easily.

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@lovestoshop65 The saying around here is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." As long as you are happy with your mascara why bother experimenting. If you ever want to something new, try Lancôme. Their mascara is the best in my opinion.

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Re: Benefit TS on HSN today

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@lovestoshop65 @I use Benefit Roller Lash because I don't have to use my eyelash curler. It actually curls my short, sparse lashes. It's not the most dramatic but it's good. I buy the minis. I've never tried Boing, the TSV mascara they have on HSN today.

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I tried the mascara that is the TS for the first time last week.  It is in a Tili best of kit that QVC is selling.  It's EXCELLENT.  It really thickens and lengthens very naturally.  I apply 2 coats and then to with Lacome Deficils,  which never flakes or smudges.  This combo works beautifully for me.    I have not yet tried it without the Deficils so I don't know if it smudges on it's own, but it truly makes my lashes look their best.   The Deficils is like my top coat!!!!!

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@lovestoshop65 I tried this mascara when it first came out and was not impressed.  My experience was that the mascara was "wet" and left black smudges on my eyelids and under my eyes, looked like the walking dead when I got out in the humidity.  I use CLUMP CRUSHER from Cover Girl now or Almay.  They are not over the top dramatic but serves the purpose and I take it off at the end of day so it suits my needs.

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Drugstore mascara works just fine for me. I like L'Oréal voluminous or Paradise Lash. Mascara is one cosmetic I don't splurge on anymore after trying so many samples from Sephora including Benefit and not being impressed. If you're happy with Cover Girl I'd stick with it and spend your money somewhere else. 

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I am actually a huge fan of Tartes Lights Camera Lashes Mascara, but I decided to give this 3 pack a whirl, so I ordered earlier this morning. 

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This is (presently) my favorite mascara.

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The price breaks down to the same as drugstore brands. I figured worth trying.


Plus I always like to have a new unopened mascara packed in a makeup case inside a packed emergency overnight bag.


I use to be a fan of L'Oreal Voluminous, but felt like they changed the formula several years ago.