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Before & After Pictures of Skin Care

I think these skin care companies should rethink their presentations re: this is before and this is after.  I've used Dr. P products for years yet...... I almost have to turn away from some of the after pictures - they are so bad.  And you (Dr. P) want me to spend my $150 for THAT product?  No Thanx

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Re: Before & After Pictures of Skin Care

I'm a bit confused. You have used Dr. P. products (all very costly) but don't care for this particular presentation of the before and after pictures?

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Re: Before & After Pictures of Skin Care

Wouldn’t it be great if they had volunteer guest testers on before they start a product and then return at a later date so we could see “before” and “after” for ourselves.  I hate those close up pics...a slight tightening of your mouth etc can really impact those pics.


That being said, I really like this new cold plasma +.  Did not like previous formula at all.  Been using this one for 6 weeks.  I’m amazed how much my skin discoloration has receded...especially on the side of my neck that had years of car sun driving exposure.

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Re: Before & After Pictures of Skin Care

I’ve heard that for those b&a shots the participants have to stop using all facial products for a week before the “before” shots. I’d hate to think of what my skin would look like in a before...

That being said, I do like Dr P’s neuropeptide facial comformer, it has definitely improved sagginess, redness and overall radiance.