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My first purchase was a kit, bath bar, body creme and lip balm in Vanilla Absolute. I was hooked. So far I have enjoyed any soap I bought, I think because they are lightly scented. Got the Honey Grapefruit, and (apologies to Josh) I didn't care for it. Too strong. So in the body creme, I only use the Vanilla and Pure.  Try a kit of you can. Best way to try several products. 

As to other products, used some of the cleaners and laundry soap. Love the All Purpose spray. 

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I've tried many of their products and they are all good, but I think the goat milk soap is my favorite and that I would keep buying.

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I tried their soap and it's good, but not great.  I had been using soap from Goat Milk Stuff and I prefer that.  Family run business and the #1 ingredient is goat milk.  That's important to me.  They have great CS and a family member answers the phone and all your questions.  Shipping time is unbelievable fast.

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Re: Beekmans products

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@Mistic wrote:

I "love" the Wipes. 




Me too.I just used one now.  They are so handy. I've used some of the fragrance ones but I keep going back to the pure. Love them. 



@Kymheart1 I've use most of the line. The majority are great but  the hair care line didn't work for me. I use the skin care as a maintenance between other brands.  They have very nice hand & body creams.