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Re: Beekmans products

Hi I'm pretty new too to the Beekman 1802 products,  my favorites so far are the lip balms, the hand cream, the bars of soap and the whipped body cream.  I like the unscented and the vanilla absolute.  I have the vanilla body cream on now and I could smell it, not overpowering at all.  So far I'm loving everything I bought.  Almost forgot, just got their face scrub which is also very good.

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Re: Beekmans products

I love their bar soaps for the shower and their whipped body cream.  I keep their face wipes on hand but don't use them daily. I like to keep one package in the fridge for those hotter days, it feels great to place the cold wipe on my face.  

I don't care much for the lip balm however.  

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Re: Beekmans products

You have to try their hand salve! I am OBSessed with their sweet grass scent! #HiNeighbors

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Re: Beekmans products

I LOVE the Beekman soaps and the facial wipes.  I have both the large and small bar soaps and they are so nice.  They clean well and do not leave my skin feeling tight or dry.  The facial wipes clean well too.  I very rarely wear makeup, so I use them each night to clean my face before bed.  I have used to remove a full face of makeup and they cleaned it off very well. 

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Re: Beekmans products

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their first product was the bar soap. i say start there.  you don't have to start with a 4 pack, as they are sold individually, for $15, at least on hsn, with free shipping.


the "pure" scent, has no scent and has the most goat milk, compared to all of the other ones. my personal favorite bar soap is their honey & oats. i've tried several and that one seems more creamy to me, if that makes sense.


i also like their lip balm, lump of kohl, charcoal detox soap and face wipes.


they have several shows this coming sunday & monday on hsn. perhaps watch a few to get a better feel for their product line. like most other beauty vendors, the best prices are when they are on air.


i'm tuning in because i want to see what the difference is between the lump of kohl soap and the new charcoal soap, for the face. the lump of kohl is for the face and body.


i really hope that you find a few products that you like. i know how hard it is to go through the forest to find a few good products.

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Re: Beekmans products

@Kymheart1 wrote:
Hi everyone! I have enjoyed and learned from many of your posts. I have a question. I have not tried any of the Beekmans products. I would like to dive in. What are a few products a beginner should try???? Thank you in advance for your replies. Have a great day😊

@Kymheart1  I will start with the bar soaps.  But I also like their lip balms and body creams.  HSN's site has a couple nice sets for really good price you can consider.


617-117Apricot and Honey Tea 4 piece set for $29.95


Or 617-031 Fig Leaf 4 piece Goat Milk Collection for 34.95


I have the Fig Body Bar, and it smells very subtle to me. But I did read on the HSN reviews, that some people thought it was really strong.  So, if you are sensitive to fragrance, I will go with the unscented.  I heard from someone on this board, that they might have an unscented box coming out during the holidays.

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Re: Beekmans products

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@Kymheart1   I have not tried Beekman but I have been using Zum goat's milk soap for over 15 years.  It never dries your skin.  You can even shower with it if you like.  Zum offers bar soap in lively colors and scents made with essential oils.  If you are going to try Beekman start with the bar soap.

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Re: Beekmans products

I would agree with those that said to start with the Bar Soap -- that's where they started and I believe they say it's their number one product.  I wish I had started with a set of the smaller bars, the 3.5oz, because those 9oz ones last me forever!


They also said the Body Cream is their second most popular product (I've not tried that yet).  I also really like the Wipes, but those also come in a variety of scents so some you might like and others not.   I suspect they will do a variety pack as a TS at some point but there may be one on HSN's site, or you can buy them individually for $7 I think.


I would start with these and not venture into any skincare -- I find those products have more mixed reviews.

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Re: Beekmans products

I am so happy with everything beekman.  Ordered quite a collection from face to body and nothing disappoints.  Best of luck with your purchases.  You can't go wrong.

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Re: Beekmans products

I have only tried the bar soaps and I would repurchase again. I purchased a four piece set from HSN and they had free shipping. I only tried the Fresh Air scent which I like because it's light and doesn't linger.