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actually, I prefer Korres.  But if I had to choose between the two.... I would choose Beekman. 

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@picco wrote:

Unfortunately the Beekman scents give me migraines, haven't found one I like yet.  The unscented is fine, but I do like a light natural scent overall.  Josie's scents aren't quite so potent and agree with me much more.  Plus I notice Beekman seems to add sandlewood, musk, "warm" scents to most of thier products and those specific things are the kiss of death for my migraines.


Try the lavender scent body cream.  Very mild scent.  I love it.  I also use Josie, but I'm finding myself using Beekman more now.

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I am a user of Beekman and Josie Maran body butters.  Both work nicely on my skin (which seems to drink up anything, so nothing feels greasy on me).  However, I have not used Josie's butter for a while because I noticed that my skin was feeling better using the Beekman and my Perlier favorites.  I use only scented creams.  Sometimes I do not apply perfume, but most days I do, therefore, my choice of cream depends on what perfume I will be wearing and whether or not the scent works with the cream of the perfume that I will mix with it as part of layering my fragrance. 


Another body moisturizing find I discovered in recent months is Blue Stallion body oil which I purchased from ShopHQ.  The oil is scented, but frankly, I can't smell it at all.  That said, it moisturizes deeply, and after allowing a bit of time to absorb, nothing transfers off on clothing.    

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I don't care for josies, perfer beekman,but i also like carols daughter, lots of good body butters,and lotions out there.

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So agree - totally Beekman.  Used Beekman bar soap (or body wash) and the body cream for 2-3 years and will never be without.  My skin is no longer scaly/dry in winter or summer and my heels are so smooth (which was always an issue).  I use the non-scented, but didn't mind the vanilla.  I switch back and forth between HSN and the Q for deals.  Highly recommend Beekman! And, the goats are so cute.  


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For me, no contest, I prefer Josie.  Use her unscented body butter.  Love how my skin feels and looks when using it.  Beekman does nothing for me.  Right now using up some Beekman bars of soap I bought years ago. Will not repurchase.

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I tried Beekman when it was a TSV, totally disappointed & unimpressed. Josie's products are highly superior imo.

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I was wondering if Beekman was any good . I use to use , and like , Josie ;  but , sometimes I felt I was going to "SLIDE"out of bed after using body butter ! Lol !