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Does anyone use the big bars on the face?  Are they meant to be all over soap or just body soap?  So many products and it gets confusing....


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I find beekmans soap to be drying. Check out the ingredient list and how far down goats milk is. There are other brands whose 1st ingredient is goats milk.  I use Goat milk stuff and hopefully others can recommend other brands and then you can compare.

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Re: Beekman soap

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@bargainsgirlIn contrast to @brandiwine, I use Beekman's soaps on my face and body in the shower every day and do not find them drying at all.  The dry patch on one of my legs has completely gone away.  I alternate between the Vanilla Absolute and Ylang Ylang fragrances.  If I'm not 100% because of illness or whatever reason, they give me a boost. 



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Re: Beekman soap

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I think they are intended for the body but maybe some people use the pure/unscented on their face. Sorry I can’t tell you more, but I wouldn’t personally use bar soap on my face. I love it in the shower though—so moisturizing I don’t really need lotion.


Oops just read @Linmo‘s reply and she uses it on her face and likes it 🙂

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On a regular basis, I prefer a separate facial cleanser.  That said, in a lazy or hurried situation I have used a Beekman bar on occasion without any negative side effects.  

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I have used the Pure bar on my face. 

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The other day I was in the shower and used the Fig Beekman soap on my face and I did not find it drying at all. Try it. 

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I use Beekman soap on face and body and it is never drying.  I love how my skin feels after using it.

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I agree with @brandiwine and although I wouldn't hesitate to use goat milk soap on my face, firstly, it would have to be fragrance-free (your skin can develop a fragrance allergy at any time) and secondly, goat milk would have to be the first ingredient or, at least, very close to the top. There are MANY sites that sell goat milk products whose ingredient lists are simple and not a mile long like Beekmans'.

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Agree that goats milk is way down the list of ingredients. I bought a 4 piece soap set and a kit with soap & body lotion based on the talk here & I was not impressed. I would not use the soap on my face. And their body lotion doesn't do anything for my dry skin. I suggest trying Silly Goats products. They are organic and use 25% goats milk in their soaps. I allso bought their body lotion which is very moisturizing and their face lotion which I also like & recommend. Another thing is that Beekman puts dimethicone in its face & body lotions.

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