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Love seeing  the adorable goats in their little sweaters!

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Love Benny!  He's my favorite goat. The Beekman' Boys really have some great deals going on this weekend.   

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The cutest.

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I was watching last night and they showed a goat wearing a santa hat and santa beard.  He was just adorable and I laughed so far seeing that little face at the end of one of the demonstrations.  I wish I could remember what they were showing so I could do a screenshot.


At the very beginning of this video on HSN, there is a quick look.

Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Lip Balm 10-piece Set

It's not the best shot since the goats head is down, but later in the hour they showed him with his head up.   Too cute for words!

......You look like I need a drink.....
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Love the goats, not the product line.

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Great goats!  Great products!