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I’d like to know if any of you guys can describe the various scents. Like how or what the ones you have smell like. I really like the fig leaf scent and I’m trying to find something like that along that line. . I tried the fresh air one, didn’t like it at all, it did not smell like lemon verbena at all. I heard good things about Arcadia, but once again I don’t have the faintest idea on its smell. It would be so nice if beekman could include a scent sampler sheet, like the one Sephora sends out. I just cannot afford to return things with the high return cost. Thank you
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my suggestion would be to go to hsn and watch the video for their 4 pack of bar soap. that seems to be their largest collection of scents, and they do describe each of the bars.


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On Beekman's website, they have Palm Sized Gift Set (4 of them for $20).  I think that will be a good way to try a variety of scents.  It is hard to know if you like the scent or not until you try it.  Or wait until the palm sized sets come back to QVC and HSN.

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In one of their Almanacs they had a scratch and sniff, a great thing for those who hadn't tried many scents. Too bad they can't send out a card like this for those who request them. 


My favourite scents are:

Vanilla Absolute, not sweet like we're used to with vanillas

Honey and Apricot tea, light fruity floral, makes me want to inhale it deeply

Sweet grass, a nice spearminty scent, I use it as aromatherapy when I get stressed out at work

Honey Orange Blossom, does have a subtle orangey scent


Be careful with the cremes. They are stronger than the soaps and can be overwhelming.


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This won’t help you now but in the spring they usually offer a set of the smaller bars. I have to say I have never had a bar soap that I didn’t use, maybe didn’t love them all but none were off putting to me. I can’t say the same about the body creams however, as they are strongly scented. I will admit that I donated a bar of Oak Moss when it first came out because I found body cream so bad I didn’t even want to try the soap LOL. I’ve moved on to Perlier body butters but will continue with Beekman soaps, going on four years now I think. 

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Are there particular scents you are interested in?  I’m not very good at describing them unfortunately, but I agree that the name doesn’t always fit the scent. I think they have moved to more complex fragrances and I have to say I miss things like heirloom rose and violet. Ylang ylang and tuberose Is a very old-fashioned floral to me, vanilla absolute is a lovely subtle vanilla, sweet grass is a nice mint for summer. 

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This is something I would like too, as I'm just getting into the brand. A sampler of each scent would be nice, especially since I'm not aware of a store that sells Beekman where I can go smell them. I tried the Ylang Ylang hand cream and to me it was like suntan lotion.  I returned it.

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I just bought the pail with 4 palm sized soaps -- I'm giving 2 of the soaps as gifts and I was going to keep/try the Fig and Ylang Ylang for me, but smelling the Ylang Ylang through the wrap it seems strong and not something I would like, so I may give that one away.  Of course, just a sniff isn't an indicator and it might be quite different in the shower.   Can anyone comment on that scent?  I'm not a floral fan -- is it overly floral?



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I bought one of their assorted soaps offered a while ago on another channel - some I liked and some were just okay. 


I'm normally not a vanilla fan - find it too sweet but as @LisaMofSLC mentioned - 

so different from other vanilla scents -  I love their Vanilla Absolute - 


although floral - but not overly sweet is Ylang Ylang -


Apricot and Honey Tea - LOVE 


I will never buy a launch scent as a whole kit - made that mistake with Oak Moss - ugh 

I found it strong and gave it to the male members in my family