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I decided to try the three pack of soaps. Charcoal, retinol and cleanser. This is a crazy question but not sure if I mixed up the retinol with the facial soap. They look the same and I don’t use retinol every day when cleansing. Love them so far. Anyone else get them?

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I have used the original facial soap since it was introduced. I have added the retinol and charcoal last month. Brent says to use the regular soap in the morning. Then alternate the retinol and charcoal bar in the evening. Keep the retinol and charcoal in the little drawer boxes whenyou are not using them. I have loved the original bar but now that I use the new bars my skin is even better.

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I also have the 3 original bars. I really like them. I have not tried the new set. I will have to check them out.

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Re: Beekman facial soap

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Mistyada - I am brand new to this line and Cannot wait to try. 


I received my first ever order ( charcoal) in today’s mail. You mention to keep them in little drawer boxes when not using. Do you mean keep  in packaging they come in when not using?

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Re: Beekman facial soap

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Beekman 1802 is Leaping Bunny approved and cruality free.  I love all their products and they do not animal test. I use the retinol bar face soap every night and love it.  Their products are the best I have used.


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I have all three bars. I love the retinol bar, leaves my face feeling so soft. I do let it dry out thoroughly and put it in its box, then use the charcoal bar for a few days.

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I bought the set and I love the soap. I've used the pure goat milk one and charcoal so far. I haven't tried the retinol one yet.


I believe their products are "cruelty free" also.


Every Beekman product I have bought has been wonderful. Their lip balm is the only one I can use with no problems.


(I love seeing the cute goats too!)

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Have used the gost milk facial soap for months and love the way my skin looks and feels (I am over 60)

Started using the charcoal a few weeks ago just at night. and that is a winner also...

Have not tried the retinol soap as of yet but I do have it...

Good suggestion to keep the facial and retinol soap in separate boxes,Beekman tins or travel soap boxes...

These soaps may not be everyones cup of tea, but they are worth a try...


As for CF...

Have no idea where that poster heard that Beekman prodcuts were not cruelty free but they are...

I definitely would NOT be using the products if they weren't!

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I have the set of three triple milled pure goat milk facial soaps. I got it several months ago and have hardly made a dent in the first bar. Very nice and gentle. I expect the set will last at least a year or longer so I really don’t need to try anything else for a long time.

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The retinol in a bar soap will not be strong enough to affect your skin even if you use it everyday.